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Welcome to Mjs Labor Services
In today’s workforce, many contractors and those who work with their hands often find themselves at their wits in when trying to find quality, energetic workers with a strong skillset and good work ethic. Nothing is more damaging to your businesses than workers who do not work to their full potential, do a slipshod job with questionable results, or are often not working and simply relaxing on the job. We understand that your labor needs may be seasonal and we can provide you with temporary employees who are ready and willing to work hard for you.
Fortunately, Mjs Labor Services is here to ensure your next project is carried out by only the best, most hard-working laborers in the industry. We provide temporary labor for the agriculture industry. We have all types of farm labor, including food processing and potato and onion packing. Ask about current openings available for both men and women for temporary positions.
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